Regulation (ENGLISH)


Regulation of the #freedomtrail Bloggers’ Contest


1 – Purpose

Take part in the coral storytelling of the Freedom Trail with your words, images, feelings. Such is the spirit of the first edition of the contest open to European bloggers organized by the cultural association “Il Sentiero della Libertà / Freedom Trail”.

The “Freedom Trail” is a 60 km hike divided into three stages, on three days, along the trails that run the Majella National Park. Every year more than 700 people take part in the Freedom Trail, among which many high school students.

The “Freedom Trail” was the escape route for thousands of Allied prisoners and young Italians who fought for the liberation of Italy, divided by the Gustav Line after the armistice of 8 September 1943, when Abruzzo became a borderland and last hope for the refugees who stood in line with the Allied Army.

Even Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, President Emeritus of the Italian Republic, walked his way from Sulmona to Casoli on March 24, 1944, describing it in its integrally republished diary “The path of freedom. A memory book with Carlo Azeglio Ciampi” (Yale University Press, Rome-Bari 2003).

The “Freedom Trail” is sponsored by: Alto Patronato Presidente della Repubblica, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Region of Abruzzo, Ufficio Scolastico Regionale L’Aquila, Province of L’Aquila, Province of Chieti, Comunità Montana Peligna, Comunità Montana Aventino Medio Sangro. 

The Contest is open to all bloggers who write about a personal blog and talk about one or more of the following themes: The Mountains, Travel, War, Liberty & Freedom, History, and / or Sharing & Solidarity.

* The organization reserves the right to admit to the contest, on a reasoned request, participants who do not have a personal blog, but who are recognized as influencers for the quality and number of publications on their social channels.

2 – How to participate

Each blogger will have to write a post containing text, images and other multimedia elements describing the “Freedom Trail” in all its forms and expressions. Bloggers can also enter by providing a link to a previously published post following the same guidelines listed below.
By “Freedom Trail” we refer to any real or imaginary history relative to one of the following tracks:

  1. previous editions of the event;
    stories related to the liberation of Italy and in particular to the Gustav line;
    stories related to the mountains and the pursuit of freedom

You can draw inspiration from our suggested readings.

To participate in the contest we require you to:

  • provide a link to the blog where you normally publish and send along a media kit complete of your unique visitors numbers, social profiles, and number of followers;
  • attach a brief description of your blog and a personal profile, including a profile pic;
  • publish a post during the contest (February 15th to March 29th, 2015) in the above blog and include a link to our website.
  • write clearly in your blog post that you will be entering our contest and insert a link to our website and social profiles.

Participation in the Contest is free.

3 – Terms and conditions for registration

Participants must submit their registration before the closing deadline of the competition (March 29t, 2015) by writing to

The editors will send an e-mail to confirm receipt of the registration.

Information on registered bloggers and links to their work will be published in the pages of the website of the association #freedomtrail-> Bloggers

Throughout the contest, from February 15th to March 29st, 2015, authors may re-edit their papers.

4 – Selection Mode

All work produced by the participants will be evaluated at the discretion and without appeal to a panel of qualified persons on the basis of editorial quality and media kit. The jury will indicate the names of the 4 winners bloggers * by March 31st, 2015.

The winners will be invited to take part in the XV International March the “Freedom Trail” between April 30 and May 3rd, 2015 and will be asked to produce within seven days from the end of the event a further post containing text, images and other multimedia elements, to share the experience and feelings of those who participate in the march the “Freedom Trail”.

During the event, each blogger will be required to create a minimum of tre posts per day on their social profiles to participate and promote the storytelling of our Trail, using the official hashtag of the contest: #freedomtrail.

A jury formed by qualified individuals will assess the work produced by 31 May 2015, and will appoint the absolute winner of the Contest.

* The organization reserves the right to increase the number of rewarded bloggers by giving appropriate notice to the participants

5 – Publication and awards

All works submitted for participation in the Contest will be linked under  #freedomtrail-> Bloggers

The winning bloggers winners will be rewarded with **:

  • voucher for participation in the XV International March “The Freedom Trail” 2015 (the voucher includes: the nights of April 30 and May 3rd in Sulmona, insurance, accommodation in tents and / or indoor venues, breakfast, lunch and dinner, transport of heavy luggage in all three days of march scheduled for 1, 2 and 3 May 2015) – Value € 70.00
  • sum refund of € 100.00 (to cover expenses)
  • prizes offered by our sponsors

In the event that one or more bloggers were to forfeit the prize (voucher for participation in XV Marcia and general reimbursement) the same will be assigned to other bloggers from fifth place on.

Winning bloggers will be awarded additional prizes from our sponsors in relation to the assessment of the work produced during the XV International March “The Freedom Trail”. The winner will also receive a plaque.

In the spirit of social media readers will be able to comment on the work produced within the contest that will all be found under and express their judgment.

The winning bloggers, who will be taking part in the XV International March “The Freedom Trail”, will be awarded on April 30 in Sulmona at 16.30 at the Great Hall of the Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi.

The prize awarded to winners will be regarded as a compensation for the rendered services; the cultural association “Il Sentiero della Libertà / Freedom Trail” will have full rights of exploitation of their work in relation to the award-winning works, both in words and in pictures.

** The organization reserves the right to increase the amount of the refund and the prizes for the winners by giving appropriate notice to the participants

6 – Copyright and privacy

All entries to the competition will remain the property of the author. The authors undertake to recognize to the cultural association “Il Sentiero della Libertà / Freedom Trail” without expecting compensation rights of reproduction, publication of books, catalogs, websites, etc.,  and anything else considered relevant to the purposes of Art . 1, with only quoting the author.

The participant is responsible for the content of the work entered in the Contest and will exclude any liability the Cultural Association “Il Sentiero della Libertà / Freedom Trail” to third parties, including the request for moral and material damages. The organization of the contest can not therefore be held responsible for disputes concerning authorship of texts, images and photos or any other consequence related to the works covered by the Contest.

Under Articles. 7 and 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 participants authorize the processing of personal data for the purposes of publication of the work and the activity of promotion and advertising. In turn, the organization, under the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, will ensure that the processing of data of the candidates will be the only objective for the management of this contest.

Participation in the Contest will result for the participants the total acceptance of this announcement.

 7 – Information

Variations to the regulation and any other communication relative to the contest will be timely published on For info, please write to